Thou dost protest too much, methinks…..

Did anyone notice that from Wednesday to Thursday, Christine O’Donnell’s deficit against Coons was cut in half. If it slipped by you, it may be because the 26% deficit that the pundits were tossing around on Tuesday had been grabbed, more or less, from thin air.  On Thursday, Rasmussen released a poll showing her down by 11%, which is consistent with its poll from earlier in the month.

An 11% deficit is by no means insurmountable in a Republican year when each day brings more bad economic news for the Democrats.  O’Donnell is part of an exciting, growing movement.  As a Democrat, Coons is an unwelcome member of “the powers that be.”  No matter how blue the state of Delaware may be, if the only people motivated to vote are the conservatives…..then watch out.

So what are the Republican pundits afraid of?  Is it that O’Donnell has had financial difficulties and used to warn youngsters against “lust of the heart?”  Well Coons once supported a doctrine that led to the genocide of 95 million people.

Or is the problem simply that O’Donnell stands for true principles of liberty in a state where such principles are lampooned?

Well the country is in the middle of a shakeup right now, and no one knows exactly where we’re going to be when things settle.  If Charles Krauthammer or Karl Rove think they know, then they are, in a word, presumptuous.  Pride goeth before a fall, and we may be on the verge of seeing two of the biggest topple.

But that’s not what bothers me.  What bothers me is that Rove, after having a day to digest the news of O’Donnell’s win, maintained his defeatist position, even going so far as to provide sound clips on Greta Van Susteren that will be useful to the Coons campaign.  While he claimed he was doing so because Fox News brought him on the show as an analyst, not as a Republican spokesperson–one can only wonder how amenable to that excuse he would have been had Scott McClellen used it when going after the Bush administration.  Then imagine my surprise when turning to National Review Online this morning, I saw a brand new Krauthammer piece, basically repeating his admonitions of a week ago against anyone who has the audacity to violate the Buckley rule and endorse a conservative who, Krauthammer feels, isn’t electable.

Well here’s something you might find interesting, Mr. Krauthammer.  There IS no other Republican in the Delaware senate race today. It’s O’Donnell or Coons.  Between the two, if we were to apply the Buckley rule in a way that’s consistent with your admonitions, we’d have to endorse Coons.  Because if he’s the only candidate who’s electable, then he’s the also the most conservative who’s electable.

But my real problem is that the primary was Tuesday.  Today is Friday.  And the primary season is over throughout the country. There’s no reason for Krauthammer or Rove’s admonitions.  All they can possibly do is help Coons–and to such a degree that I’ll be truly surprised if the Democrats don’t use footage of Rove in their commercials.  So why do this?  Why buckle down on your “checkered past” comments and your “Buckley rule” when they can do nothing but hurt a conservative candidate and help a liberal candidate?  These pundits have themselves acknowledged how important it is we win this seat.

To my knowledge, one thing and one thing only, could account for Krauthammer and Rove’s recalcitrance:

With all due respect, Mr. Krauthammer and Mr. Rove, one more word out of either of you, and I’ll be convinced you’re more concerned with losing credibility than with losing this seat.  You’re protesting too long and too loudly because you can’t bear the thought you might have gotten this one wrong.  When you repeat yourself often enough, it starts to sound to the rest of the world like you’re trying to convince yourself.   It’s a weird part of human nature that causes us to do that.

And I’m trying hard not to draw that conclusion about you.  But every day you undermine O’Donnell you make it harder for me to give you the benefit of the doubt.


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