New Ace of Spades: Mike Castle

(Reprinted from April 15, 2010)

Senatorial candidate and Delaware representative, Mike Castle has finally managed the impossible—to replace Olympia Snowe as the Most-Wanted RINO in the deck, the Ace of Spades. A mere two weeks after the 2010 update to the rankings—rankings in which Castle managed to barely stave off Olympia Snowe—the camel has finally been dealt one straw too many; our camel kneels, front legs bent, joints shaking; our camel gives a sickly moo (or whatever sound a camel makes), snaps a vertebra (forgive the melodrama), rolls over on its side, then passes away, a mere memory of what was once a camel.

And what was the straw?

As appeared in a recent issue of DelawareOnline, Castle made the following statement:  “While this president is in office, repealing this full law [i.e., Obamacare] is not realistic and not the best use of our efforts.”

The decision to move Ms. Snowe from the Ace of Spades position has followed weeks of soul searching.

But consider the following:

  • In 2009 only seven House votes were included in the RemoveRINOs updates (our subjective take on the “worst of the worst” from the American Conservative Union’s list).  Castle voted the wrong way on all seven votes. From the Senate, Snowe voted the wrong way on only six of eight.
  • Since 2005, Castle has racked up 51 of the most egregious votes. Snowe has racked up only one more, dating back all the way to 2001 (our senate votes go back further than our House).
  • The clincher: it was awful when Snowe voted Obamacare out of conference—yes, that was awful—it  was even worse than Castle’s vote for Cap and Trade. But, we’re to the next phase, and Castle has made it clear he will not seek repeal. If Castle wins the GOP Senate nomination against O’Donnell and wins in November, he’s just going to be another congressional obstacle.  Period. By so nonchalantly opposing repeal, he has not only made it clear that his election would hurt the repeal movement but that he has little regard for what tea-partiers and conservatives want.

While it’s true that there’s not ultimately an ounce of spittle difference between these two RINOs, both of whom seem to enjoy spitting in the face of conservatives, Castle is every bit as bad as Snowe; and, at least for the moment, he’s worse. This is why when all is said and done, faithful conservative Christine O’Donnell doesn’t need to defeat Castle in the primary; Ms. O’Donnell has to.